The demanding change for a green environment became our priority. In the past years we have been learning about our planet and how to help empower ourselves but yet the society we live in. Eco-Globe Innovations Co. is an east-coast home based corporation founded in 2010 by Carlos Alvarez and Hector Aleman. It all came about for their concern about our planet and finding solutions to help society live in a safer environment and home. Eco-Globe Innovations Co. is an eco-friendly company that sells a high-quality and technologically advanced product that promotes an improvement to the environment. We are certified with BluWood International to assure and distribute that our customer is receiving a "truly superior building material".

Our plan is to initiate and obtain consumer awareness about BluWood technology through Eco-Globe Innovations Co. to encourage green constructions. We are consciously aware of our ever-changing environment, our quick response must be taken to help better serve the world we live in. We believe this is just one solution to the many problems that our planet is facing.
If you are looking for a way to protect your family and home, a renewable, energy efficient building material, or to even help conserve our forests and protect the environment, our product is the next generation of wood protection; it is the next generation of building material.

Our long term goal is not to just to sell this product to you, we are concerned about our environment, we want to educate you, our customer, about ways in which we can help protect the place we call home. Eco-Globe Innovations Co. is building is "Building Green. Building Our Future".

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